As we have walked alongside of families this year, God has brought more and more people our way who are struggling with divorce.  We have seen inside too many families, met with the husband, spoke to the wife, listened to their children.  It can be gut-wrenching.

Which is the very short version of how the book project came to be.  Collateral Damage refers to the unintended consequences.  The wreckage left by others’ decisions.  In divorce, the kids can be the collateral damage.

If you are a child of divorce–no matter your age or how long your parents have been divorced–we would like to speak to you.  This book will use your voice, your stories to tell of the Collateral Damage being caused in the lives of children throughout our community and our country by divorce.

2 thoughts on “BOOK PROJECT”

  1. For a long time I felt that my parents divorce was my fault. After having heart-to hearts with both my Mom and my Dad I realized I was not to blame. I realized that God does things for a reason.

    1. Brianna,
      Thank you for sharing your thoughts. Children thinking they caused their parents divorce is one of the worst lingering affects of divorce, it is goes hand in hand with thinking that the children can stop a divorce. Both of those weigh on children’s hearts for years and sometime generations. It is what I call “Collateral Damage.”
      Remember, God hates divorce and he will not have a hand in it. Jesus is very clear when he says in Mark 10:5 “It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law.” Jesus is telling us two very important things in one sentence. Moses (a man) wrote the law that allowed divorce, and he only wrote it because the peoples hearts were hard, hard to themselves and to each other. It is a fact that divorce will happen, no one can change that because peoples hearts are hardened. It is the same thing that keeps people from accepting the grace God has for them and refusing to believe in His son, Jesus Christ.
      When you say, “God does things for a reason” if you are implying that He “did” the divorce in your parents marriage, I would have to dis-agree, again “God hates divorce.” If you are thinking that God sent you to your parents to talk with them in order to free you from the burden that you have been carrying, then I think you are right. Jesus says, “The truth will set us free,” it is this type of dialogue that falls under His statement. You are now free from the lie and the pain. My prayer is that you are also free from the lingering affects of your parents divorce.
      I would like to continue this discussion with you in person and perhaps if you are up to it to “interview” you for the book project.

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