A Life Study is an account of a person’s or families life and how they have been impacted by the mission and vision of Simon Tradition Ministries. 

If you are seeking  help, but aren’t sure what Simon Tradition Ministries  can do for you this page will hopefully answer some questions for you.

Life Study – Rushton Brown

Rushton Alone

Rushton’s mother found us. In a conversation with JoAnna, she asked, “What does you husband do?” Weeks later she came back and left a note asking for Simon Tradition Ministries to contact her so she could get some help for her son. Her son, Rushton was living in a third world South American country. Rushton, had walked out of his apartment, leaving behind his belongings and car, bought a ticket at the airport and was gone. Gone to find himself, running from the pain, gone to find his place, gone to find something. It has been a year since the Lord sent Rushton’s mom to Simon Tradition Ministries. In that year he has gotten married, his wife has had a miscarriage, he has moved back to the US, he has gone to truck driving school, he has gotten his own truck and is now a dedicated over the road truck driver. Delivering goods to city’s all over our country. The Lord has brought one more prodigal son home. Rushton is working, saving money, sending money back to his wife and
working on getting the proper clearance to brink his wife to the United States. The Lord has done great work in Rushton’s life. For over a year we have been walking in this family’s life, speaking truth, giving counsel, speaking the Word, speaking about the saving grace of our Lord Jesus. A grace that has eternal implications and daily implications in his life. What are we doing in Rushton’s life now? Sometimes we talk daily, some time weekly, but we are there to answer the call and make the call. We are still walking with Rushton, giving him counsel and encouragement. Rushton’s life has been transformed by the power of the Gospel. The Gospel in your life! The Gospel in Rushton’s life! A life changed today. A life changed for generations to come.


Life Study – Leitner Family


“Our marriage is a mess,” said Daniel. “We need help,” said Laura. The opening words that the Leitner’s said to me the day we first met. Laura and Daniel were married with three small children, they were active in their church, they loved the Lord, but they were barely holing on to their marriage.

We met for weeks, and the weeks became months. We met in their church, in the church parking lot, and on the church playground. Sometimes, Daniel would watch the children in one part of the church while I met with Laura and when we finished she would go watch the children while I met with Daniel. Sometimes we met once a week and sometimes twice a week and for months I was on the phone every day with one or the other and sometimes both.

Daniel and Laura both came from serious childhood traumas and the effects of those events were affecting their ability to deal with the stress of marriage and raising three children. A stress so great despite months of hard work there came a day that Laura took the children and temporarily moved out.

Laura and the children moved into a temporary woman’s shelter about 45 minutes from Louisville. Daniel remained in their home. Almost immediately other counselors, friends, church members and relatives urged them to get a divorce. It seemed that every voice in their world was calling for a divorce, except mine. I consistently reminded them both that, “The Lord does not want you to get divorced.” Sometimes I spoke it calmly, sometimes I yelled it, sometimes I begged them with tears in my eyes, and they listened.

They both agreed to continue getting help and guidance from Simon Tradition Ministries, and agreed to meet with the professional counselors  that we recommended. They held on and they worked hard. They learned more about themselves, each other, marriage and the truth that the Lord had for them. That new understanding and truth led them to renew their commitment to the Lord, and to their marriage. Today they have a healthy marriage and a fourth child.

Despite the voices inside and outside they held on and did the work that the Lord asked them to do.There were many people that gave their marriage up for dead, but we never did. Jesus saves our souls, and he saves our marriages. We just have to fight for them and hold on to Him.

This is the work that your support allows Simon Tradition Ministries to do. Lives transformed equals generations transformed. The Leitner family has been born again with the trauma’s of the past left in the past.

All of this work and support comes from God’s great mercy, grace and love. It is His great power that brought us together and it is to His glory that we live, work and love.

In His name, for His glory

Biblical Counseling, Discipleship, Mentoring