• How do you describe yourself? A close friend and confidant refers to our director Roy Jackson as, “A pastor without a church.” When he says this he means a pastor without a church building. This definition may make the most since, and gives the best visual description. Traditionally, pastoral care is provided by the continually pouring into the daily lives and well being of the people in a church. The pastor is doing it as a calling and he does it with all of the gifts, talents, experiences and knowledge that they have. It is what our director does. Our work is based on the teachings of Jesus Christ, education, training and life experience. It is our prayer that you will see Jesus revealed in your life. We are here to help. Jesus lived for His church and we do the same.
  • Do you provide personal or family financial advice? Yes, we will sit down with you to look at your income and outgo. We will show you and guide you through the process of setting up a simple budget. Depending on your situation, we generally like to get you set up, at least for the first year, on a weekly and/or a daily budget.  We can offer monitoring and accountability to the budget if need be until you have developed the discipline to run it on you own. If you have complex tax issues, we will refer you to an accountant or CPA. We want you to be financially stable and successful.
  • Do you provide estate planning advice? We do not provide this sort of service, but are glad to help you find someone you can trust to help. We want you to have a plan.
  • Are you a certified counselor? There are no certified counselors (psychologist/psychiatrist) associated with, or employed by Simon Tradition Ministries. Our director Roy Jackson is trained mediator and works with clients using a Biblical based approach as a lay counselor. Clinically diagnosed mental disorders will be referred to a professional psychologist.
  • Are you a lawyer? No, Simon Tradition Ministries does not offer legal advice. We can refer you to an attorney if needed and we will walk with you through your legal struggles as an advisor and confidant.
  • How much does it cost for services? Simon Tradition Ministries is here to help. We do not charge for our services, we operate on donations. We ask that everyone who hears about Simon Tradition Ministries consider the services we offer, and if they see the value, than to prayerfully consider supporting the work we do. We always appreciate  financial donations to Simon Tradition Ministries. Donations keep the doors open and allow us to provide all of our services.
  • What is Divorce Recovery? At Simon Tradition Ministries we work very hard to prevent divorce. God himself says, ” I hate divorce” and we do too. BUT, divorce happens, and it happens for a lot of complex reasons. In Divorce Recovery, we are going to guide you through the difficulty and grief that is part of the process. We will walk with you while you re-order and even re-create your life. You are not alone and we care about you.



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