The Woman At The Well

The Woman At The Well

The story of The Woman At The Well is a story of Jesus at his very best. He has arrived at a divine appointment set at the beginning of time, in a place that was created by the voice of God. He is in a place that the world says he can’t be, preparing to talk with a person that the world says he cannot talk to. He has arranged the meeting, cleared the distractions and set the stage.

Once the stage is set, he sits down and waits. I picture him with a slight smile on his face, excited about the conversation he is about to have. And on time, to the very second, a nameless woman arrives and the quiet is broken as Jesus asks her for a drink. A simple opening to a conversation that is destined to change her life forever. In a few words, Jesus builds rapport, gains trust, and speaks truth to a nameless woman that is going about her daily life doing her work. A nameless woman that knows her scripture. A woman that is self-confident and articulate. A woman who knows who God is, who knows the story of a messiah, and yet she has not met Jesus.

The woman at the well, could easily be the woman at Starbucks, the woman at Kroger, the woman at Walmart, the woman at the homeless shelter, the woman at the bar or the woman at the church. She has no name, because though she is real, she represents all of us.

The story of the woman at the well is the story of the Gospel. It is the story of creation, the story of God coming to us, the story of us coming to God and the story of God revealed as to who he truly is. It is the story of her life and our life. It is the story of a life exposed in all of its naked truth, then graciously covered with Grace. It is the story of God’s love changing our life forever.

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