A Heart Problem

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I heard this statistic on the radio today, “One out of three divorces are caused by Facebook.” The talk show host went on to explain the phenomenon. He talked about Facebook connecting people to their past. Maybe their past loves or past relationships. He even went on to suggest they were connecting to what their thoughts or fantasy of what a relationship should be.

It is true that we currently live in a world where vision is not connecting to reality. We set out to marry based on what we think it should be instead of investing time into understanding what it will be and can be.

What I do not think is true is the part about Facebook causing the divorce. Divorce comes from a heart problem.

Jesus is confronted with this question, “Is it lawful for a man to divorce his wife?” Jesus wisely, first ask a question. He asks, “What did Moses command you?” After they answer, Jesus makes a declarative statement that we would all be served to listen to and understand. He says, “It was because your hearts were hard that Moses wrote you this law.”

Divorce is a heart problem, not a Facebook problem. People with hardened hearts will search under every stone looking for a way to help them avoid the issue, the real issue. Facebook may be the most current opportunity  to get the destructive help we need to feed the madness in a damaged heart.

The truth is the world is and has been full of people and things that will help us fall.

The trouble has the potential for growing when a hardened heart can point at something like Facebook and say, “Facebook did it. It wasn’t me.” Anytime you give someone the opportunity to look at an outside source to blame or provide healing you are providing them with an excuse to avoid looking inward. And inward is where they need to look.

We generally don’t need much help rolling down hill. We need help getting up and over the hill.

I urge anyone that has taken the wrong turn on Facebook to delete their Facebook account. I know there is a lot of good on Facebook, but if it is a matter of life or death to your family and the future of your children’s lives, please run from it. Get rid of it. Shut it off.

If Facebook is not the crutch that is facilitating your crippling, what ever it is, run from it while you have the strength. Find a place where breath is bringing  life to your life. Find someone that is interested in your heart, your hardened heart. Interested in guiding you to healing not destroying.

There are some really good Biblically based churches with community groups made up of people working hard to preserve the holiness of marriage and family waiting for you.  A church that is reflecting Christ’s love. Being connected to the right church is a great safe, constructive, essential part of a life battered with the world and heart issues.

Divorce is not the answer. Healing is the answer.

In His love


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