Happy Mothers Day

mom pictureGod’s Greatest Creation.

I believe that woman may be God’s greatest creation.

God made man and woman, and through their joining together as one flesh He continues His creation of all people from beginning to end. He chose woman, uniquely designing her to grow, and to hold and carry, and nourish a child within herself and push that living being into the world of air and light, giving her a body, and a mind and heart, that instinctively feeds, and cares for, and loves a child as it grows and learns to be independent and to care for itself.  All people of all generations come from and through a mother’s womb.

The underpinning of my belief comes from this one very basic fact; God himself came through a woman. The creator of all things knowing that He would one day come to earth and walk among His people created at the very beginning the perfect way for He himself to arrive. God, the King of kings, the designer of the universe looked at all creation and chose to arrive on the stage of humanity by knitting himself together inside a woman.

With pain and tears on His mother’s face, and a cry from His own mouth, He shouted to the entire universe from beginning to end, “This is good.” And His name was Jesus.                        2013-05-18 15.40.07

Happy Mother’s Day to all mothers! It is a day to thank God for His creation and His love. It is a day for each of us to thank our mother for bringing us into this world and setting us free to create and love. God’s perfect plan played out through the birth of a child, every child.



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