I Look Outside

Snow Outside“The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands.” (Psalm 19:1)

I look outside and see snow everywhere. Deep and cold. It appeared overnight, coming down heavy while we slept. We had warnings, predictions, and forecasts. But did we really believe it was coming until we saw it with our own eyes?

Before the snow arrived, I was thinking, “What was it like” before we had weather reporters. How would we have known on the heels of a warm rainy day we would get cold and snow? Would we have woken and been surprised at the suddenness of the change, the suddenness of the cold and the suddenness of a city shut down? Back then, just like right now, the change brought good to some and misery to others. Change brings opportunity for both profit and loss.

I look, and wonder at the snow, I think of our Christian walk, our Christian salvation. We look at our position, our darkness, our sin, our brokenness and our pain with an eye and heart that wonders. Wondering, where did it come from, and how did it get here. We may be able to look back at the warnings and the predictions. We may be able to call friends and ask them if they had seen it coming. Did they, “forecast” our demise. Be sure, one hundred percent sure, we will be able to find someone that will say the inevitable, “I told you so.”

Hindsight as a weapon, is both dangerous and destructive. Hindsight from within or without, used in the wrong way is no better than the present situation. It comes without compassion, and offers no solace. Hindsight as a tool, makes corrections on the road map of our life. Hindsight as a tool offers comfort and support. It gives life.

I look outside and see the sun shining bright on the covering of the cold snow. If you just looked up at the sky and forgot the time of the year, the thermometer and the snow, you could be fooled or tempted into thinking it was a warm summer day. Not hot, not cold, just perfection. Looking up only, would be a denial of the reality that surrounds us. Looking up only, is a sure way to fall into a trap, just as sure as looking down all the time is the way to miss the reality of the beauty.

I look and wonder at the sun, I again think of our Christian walk and our Christian salvation. The sun is shining, bright and hot, yet, the snow seems to be unchanged. We sometimes look at our life in Christ the same way. We have been, “born again,” but our pain is still very real and our back pack of life still weighs us down, causing us to wonder and doubt, of the power of Christ.

I look and ponder. I smile as tears roll down my face, knowing without a doubt that the Son is working his power in our lives just as sure as the sun is working its power on the cold snow. The suns power shines on the top of the snow, but the melting is taken place at the bottom, hidden from our eyes. The power of the Son is working down deep in our souls, doing its work on the inside, in the dark places melting away our hardened hearts. Washing us clean from the inside out. The snow is disappearing before our very eyes, yet we cannot see it. Our pain, our brokenness and our sin is washing away right before our very eyes, yet we may not see it.

We wake up one day and look out. The snow is gone, just as “suddenly” as it came. We know time has passed, yet, we cannot put a finger on when the snow disappeared. It may still be cold, but we know, a change has taken place. Something new is coming.

I look, knowing full well the snow did not just show up. I know without a doubt that Christ did not just show up in my life. I know full well that Christ is not just going to show up in your life. He has been coming for each one of us since before time began. He was here and he is here.

I ponder and wonder. I know it is a new day. I no longer have to look to know. With every beat of my new heart, I am starting to see the unseen. Christian, it is the same for you as it is with me. A change has taken place. A change is taking place. A change will take place. A change that is all profit, as the loss is washing away.

In His name, for His glory.

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