Pastor Daniel preaches, “We must create space.” Experience testifies, when people create space, the space will only be as wide and as high and as deep as the creator will allow. The person will define the space based on the size of the space that has been designed for them. Space quickly becomes limited, because, we are limited.

“Forgo the thought that one alters the space by occupying it,” writes poet Eric Pankey. Life acknowledges the arrogance of the human condition. Patiently waiting while we struggle to grasp the paltriness of our position.

Poets and preachers stock in trade, is the use of words to convey a truth that is simultaneously applied and experienced in our life. Their manipulations of words are kin to the forming of objects from clay. The artist, the poet and the preacher are exposing to the eye, the ear and the heart, a new illustration made of existing components. We call it creating, but in reality, it is a manipulation of the already created. It is a new way of seeing, feeling and using what has already been seen, felt and used.

We, like fools apply the same work of our eyes, mind, hands and heart to space. We mold it, yet we cannot hold it. We visualize it, yet we cannot see it. We schedule it, yet we cannot fathom its beginning or its end. We feel it, yet it is not a physical force that moves us or is moved by us.

God says, “I am.” He is the unmoved mover. God defines space. Space is as limited as He is. A limit that cannot and will not ever be measured by any hand of a god or a human. Space was here before us, it is us that was created.

God created us to live within His space. We live a futile life as we labor to alter the space around us. We must learn to let the space alter us. God said, “Work and care for the garden.” He did not command us to alter the garden. We must release our hold, and allow ourselves to be adapted. God is the mover, we are the moved.

Damn our arrogance and our madness. We have believed that the beauty of space was created for us. God created the garden first, he put us in it second. We would serve better, by knowing that we were created for the beauty. It is us, the human race that has brought shame into the world. We have brought shame at such a level that beauty has blushed and groaned as its luster slowly fades to black.

Move through the world existing in the size of the space that God has carved out in another’s life, not your life. Jesus says, “It is better to give than receive.” As we give time and place as the other needs, we receive the time, and place we need. We must adapt to the other person’s calendar, not them to our calendar. We must allow ourselves to be moved into their life, their space. It is the model laid down by God, “And they will call him Emmanuel – which means, ‘God with us.’” The owner of all space moved into our space, to live.

The unmoved moved. Space has been altered. Please release, and allow it to alter you.


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