We invite you to help fulfill the MISSION of Simon Tradition Ministries.

We do not charge for our Pastoral Care services.  The Bible says, “freely you have received so freely you shall give.”  There are very few services available that come at no charge.  Most of, if not all of the families that we work with, regardless of their situation are also stressed financially.  Some have lost jobs or sources of income, but most are just stretched to their maximum limit.  Stretched so far that they cannot afford the help that they need.  In those cases they either do not receive any help or they may receive a standard of help that is no help at all, it may even be detrimental.

So, we provide sound Biblical based guidance and help at no cost.  With that we invite you to help us, help them. We are not funded or endowed by any group or denomination, we depend on individual donations to assist us in giving biblical based wisdom into the hearts and mind of God’s hurting people.

Here are some ways you can help:

  • Pray–pray for safety, for wisdom and discernment, and for the courage to speak truth into difficult situations.  Pray for the people whose lives we are walking into, that they may respond to the healing of the Holy Spirit, that they may be brought peace despite their circumstances.
  • Partner–if you have some tangible means of partnering with us administrative, technical, or logistical.
  • Contribute Financially–lift our burden, as we give sound Christ centered care and/or intervention in crisis.

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