Supporter Testimonials

Brian and Jennifer Clark–

I can’t tell you how much I appreciate the ministry you have been called to do.  People often times make life changing decisions (good or bad) in the times of the most trouble in their lives.  At least I know I did.  On Dec. 23, 2000 I was called [to] the hospital to find that my dad had unexpectedly passed away.  I was a believer at the time, but I wasn’t living out the life.  I was only wearing the T-shirt.  I vowed that day that I would invite God into my life completely.

I was very lucky to have a strong network of family and friends to see me through.  Not everyone is so fortunate and that is why Simon Tradition Ministries is so important.  My wife and I consider it a blessing that we can play even a small part in this ministry by contributing monthly whatever we are able.  God has a funny way of blessing the gift and the giver and I know He is doing both in our case.  I pray that others may consider this opportunity as well.

Maureen –

“Thanks, Roy, for all of your help with our son.”

Mike Wheatley –

“Roy, I must give glory to to God for His providence. When I think of the potential impact on people from this ministry I get really excited for the kingdom.”

Praise God!

Be blessed

Dick –

“Thanks for all you do for other people.” God bless, Dick

CM –

“Thank you for helping with my sweet ‘sister.’ “

Pastor Ted –

 This envelope was given to Roy following a speaking engagement.  It contained $65.80



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